Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips and a Swim Workout

My roommate, along with bringing home that huge bag of crisp rice cereal, also brought home a couple large stacks of corn tortillas and flour tortillas from camp this weekend. The flour tortillas are great for quesadillas, but the corn tortillas were going a little stale, so I decided to make some corn tortilla chips out of them. I looked up a few recipes to get some guidelines, but some were ridiculously specific about the temperature, timing, and baking method for these chips, so I decided to just experiment on my own. Turns out, all those crazy specific guidelines are completely unneccessary! I just coated the tortillas lightly with oil, sprinkled with salt or cinnamon sugar, and baked until they looked ready. They came out perfectly crispy and golden brown. Success!

Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips


Corn tortillas, stale works well

Canola oil

Topping choices:


Cinnamon sugar mixture (about 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon)

Other ideas: cheese, garlic, chili powder, lime


Preheat the oven to 350˚F.

Drizzle about half a teaspoon of canola oil on a plate. Place a tortilla on the place and swirl around to coat lightly with oil. Flip and repeat with the other side. Place the tortilla on a cutting board and sprinkle with salt or cinnamon sugar, or whatever seasoning you’re using. Continue this process, adding more oil as necessary, stacking the tortillas, until you have prepared the desired number of tortillas. Once you have a stack of tortillas, cut the stack into wedges (I recommend quarters or sixths). Lay the individual wedges on a baking sheet. Place in the oven and bake until lightly golden brown, about 6-9 minutes. Make sure to check after 6 minutes to make sure they don’t burn! Remove from the oven and let cool for a minute or so; this helps them crisp up even more. Remove from baking sheet and serve. Enjoy!

Note: One of the recipes I looked at said the chips had to be placed exactly 1/4 inch apart on the baking sheet or they would be chewy, not crispy. Well, I had a lot of chips, so I kind of crammed them on the sheet, some touching, some even slightly overlapping, and they all turned out crispy, not chewy at all.




These chips even curled up at the edges like store-bought ones!


I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to make, so I made both!

Of course, after making all these chips (and eating more than a few), it was pretty warm in the kitchen, so I decided to go for a swim. I did a type of countdown swim today, where I did 6 rounds of 500 yards, broken into descending lengths. I made it into a circuit set with swim with some quality kick thrown in which gave me a decent amount of yards without getting bored. Here’s the set I did.

Quality Kick and Circuit Wednesday

100 free, 100 back, 100 breast x2

500: 300 50 free 25 sprint kick, 200 25 free 25 sprint kick

2×250 @3:30: pull, odd 50s fast, even 50s moderate

4×125 @2:15: IM, rotating through which stroke is the 50 in IM order

5×100 @1:40: kick/swim by 25

10×50 @1:00: best average, which means hold the fastest time you can for all 10 50s

20×25 @:30: 4 sprint stroke, 1 easy, IM order

200 easy choice

Total: 3800 yards

Time: 1 hr, 10 min

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