Quick Thai Peanut Stir Fry

Yesterday was about as close to a Saturday off that I’m going to get for the rest of the summer. I only had a couple hours of work in the morning, went to the pool for a quick swim, and then hit the beach with a few friends! It was a nice, relaxing couple hours, although I did have a rather close encounter with a seal. I was barely 30 feet from shore and I came up from under a wave to see a large black body break the surface maybe 15 feet away from me. I decided that then was the time to exit the water. Anyway, I did get about an hour and a half break in the middle of work today, so I had time to come home and whip up a quick stir fry! Using sauces from a bottle, this took less than half an hour to prepare and cook. I love Chinese food, and served over rice, this was quite delicious. Yay for bottled sauces!

Thai Peanut Stir Fry


1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp olive oil

1/4 yellow onion, diced

3 carrots, sliced on the diagonal

3 stalks of celery, chopped

3 small heads of broccoli, florets chopped and stalk diced

1/4 -1/2 cup water

1 8oz package of Chicken-less strips (I used Trader Joe’s)

4 small sweet peppers, sliced

2 tbsp peanut sauce

3 tbsp Thai peanut satay sauce


In a large wok, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Cook the garlic and onion until the onions begin to turn transparent. Add the celery, carrots, and broccoli and stir-fry for about a minute. Add the water and cover with a lid to soften the vegetables. If you prefer crispy vegetables, omit this step, but I like my vegetables relatively soft, so I always steam them a little bit. Add more water as necessary, until the vegetables are as soft as you like. Add the pepper and chicken-less strips, and stir together for a couple minutes, to heat the chicken-less strips through and soften the peppers. Add the peanut and satay sauces and stir to coat all the ingredients. Serve over rice. Enjoy!


All the lovely veggies!

All the lovely veggies!

I love these Trader Joe's veggie meats

I love these Trader Joe’s veggie meats

Premade sauces make cooking so easy!

Premade sauces make cooking so easy!



Lunch is served!

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