Softbatch Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Monday’s here! Start of Week 2. I’m super stoked about today, since I get to go to ultimate practice for the first time since spring quarter! I played ultimate a couple times over the summer, but it’s not the same as playing with my own teammates.

But enough about ultimate, now for the cookies! I tried these wonderful Funfetti Cookies from Averie Cooks, and they were amazing. My batch made three dozen small cookies, two teaspoons each. I must say, making cookies is incredibly easy with my cookie scoop. I have it in the small and medium size, and I use both quite a lot. I’m not one for using a lot of fancy tools in the kitchen. I hardly ever use an electric mixer, except for things like whipping egg whites or whipping cream. Creaming butter and sugar? My arm and a fork does the trick just fine. But these cookie scoops, they’re one special tool I absolutely use every time I make cookies. It’s important to make the cookies all the same size, otherwise some will bake faster than others, and overbaked cookies are just no good. Also, rolling each cookie into an individual ball? Ugh, that takes so much longer than scooping with these scoops. I love them.

As for this recipe, I actually followed the recipe for these cookies, shocking, I know, and I am glad I did! I even chilled them, which I definitely think is important for these cookies to keep them thick and chewy. Do watch out with the cook time though, they will look very underdone after 8 minutes, but take them out! They firm up as they cool, and it’s especially important to remove them from the hot cookie sheets after just one or two minutes, otherwise the bottoms will brown! This happened to the last pan that I put in, since I walked away to do something after pulling them out of the oven for about five minutes, and when I came back the bottoms were starting to crisp. Bad bad bad. I like my cookies soft and chewy, so take them off those cookie sheets!

These cookies are soft and chewy, have a touch of almond sweetness that’s absolutely addicting. I made 36 small cookies this afternoon, and between my roommate, myself, and my roommate from last year who came over for dessert, there are now ten left. You do the math. This is why I used a small cookie scoop, rather than medium as recommended by the recipe. I know that no matter what I’ll eat the same number of cookies, so if those cookies are smaller than I will be eating ten small cookies rather than ten large cookies. Baby steps. Someday I’ll learn self control, but until then I’m best friends with my small cookie scooper.

Want to make these cookies for yourself? You can read and print this recipe here at Averie Cooks.


The left cookie is scooped then dropped onto the baking sheet, the right is scooped then rolled into a ball and placed on the sheet. For chocolate chip cookies, I tend to prefer the dropped ones with a crackly top, but for these I favor the smoother look yielded by rolling the cookies. Which do you prefer?


Happy old roommates!
See how the pile of cookies is much smaller in comparison with the earlier pictures? I also ate a few more after this was taken… They’re addicting!

2 thoughts on “Softbatch Funfetti Sugar Cookies

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  2. Thanks for trying my cookie recipe! I love this recipe too and so glad you like it as well!

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