Crepe Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Happy Christmas Eve! Last night, Shelby and I took on another challenge: a crepe cake. We decided on this cake from Completely Delicious. It’s quite a beautiful cake (after it has been properly refrigerated), with layers of delicious chocolate ganache sandwiched between delicate crepes. This cake was actually not as difficult as I expected. The crepes were what I was most worried about, since usually they’re very delicate and tear easily. However, Shelby became a master crepe-flipper very quickly, and we did not have to discard any of our crepes! There were a few minor tears and nicks, but we just put those in the middle and no one was the wiser! We got 15 beautiful crepes out of this recipe.

As far as taste goes, I will admit this is not the tastiest thing I’ve ever made, but when something is this pretty, it doesn’t matter as much what it tastes like! There was a little too much chocolate, and the crepes aren’t quite sweet enough. I would probably reduce the chocolate to 8oz of dark chocolate to the two cups of heavy cream, which would probably make whipping the mixture easier as well, and I would add maybe another 1/4 cup of sugar to the crepe batter. After refrigerating the ganache, it was much too stiff to whip, and I had to microwave it a little in order to achieve a whip-able and spreadable consistency. Additionally, the recipe says to allow refrigerate the cake before serving. I suggest you follow that advice. We were not as patient, and cut the cake while the chocolate was still soft, so we had a bit of an oozing mess. Not that it wasn’t deliciously melty, but just not quite as photogenic.

For the recipe, head on over to Completely Delicious!

The progression of our cake…


First side…


Successful flip!


Our crepe stack begins…


More crepes!


The cake!


This is what happens when you’re not patient enough to wait for the chocolate to firm up before slicing. Still tasty though!


The power of refrigerationDSCN2202The powdered sugar dusting on top is a must


Look at those beautiful layers!


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