Apricot-Pistachio Biscotti

Happy Friday! The barrage of desserts continues this holiday season! I made these Apricot-Pistachio Biscotti from Vegetarian Times in response to a request from my mom and sister. I’m generally not a biscotti fan, since I like my cookies soft and showy, not crispy. But these are an exception. I honestly just made these to please my family, but I ended up loving them as well! I remember not liking pistachios as a kid, but I tried them again while I was making these and I know understand why people are crazy about them. They’re delicious.

These have a lot of specialty ingredients, but since my mom wanted these made, she bought all the ingredients. One of the many perks of being home. The only thing we didn’t have was almond extract, but I just put in vanilla extract and I’m not sure how much difference it would make, with such a small amount. Apricot and almond do go well together, though, so if anything I would imagine these would be even better with the almond extract. The millet and corn flours give these biscotti a lovely crunch, and the blend of flavors in these lightly sweetened biscotti are a perfect combination, one I never would have thought of myself. I would recommend slightly increasing the first bake time, but decreasing the second bake time, as I did the opposite. I slightly underbaked them the first time, and overbaked them the second time. Whoops. So they’re a little more crunchy than crispy, but even so, that just speaks to how delicious they are! Even not perfectly baked, they’re still worth crunching into! Head on over to Vegetarian Times for the recipe!


After the first bake





Delicious crunchy biscotti!


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