Piroulines (Cigarettes Russes)

Hello from sunny SoCal! It’s been around 80 degrees here for the past week, and I’m loving this January weather. I’m so glad it’s a three-day weekend, right now, since I need the extra day to catch up on schoolwork. And to post this recipe!

I made these Piroulines from Diana’s Desserts last winter break, and it was a really fun challenge. Disclaimer: these are not easy to make. They take a lot of time, patience, and hands that are impervious to heat. But they’re worth it! When I think of piroulines, I remember them as the lovely, flaky cookies that come in the metal tin variety pack, and my sister and I always used to blow air through them like straws when we were little. Now mine weren’t quite as delicate and perfectly shaped as the kind that comes in the box, but they were still delicious and all the more satisfying, since they were the product of a few hours of work!

For the recipe, hop on over to Diana’s Desserts


I used a chopstick to roll up my piroulines


A pyramid of piroulines!


Ready to be dipped!



So pretty!

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