Blueberry Crumb Cake

Let the rain fall down! And by rain, I mean drizzle. I hate rain, but at this point, I’m actually happy for any moisture coming from the sky. Also, I had this blueberry crumb cake waiting for me when I got home to look forward to, so I didn’t mind the gray skies one bit.

This is a new recipe on Smitten Kitchen, and when I saw the post pop up on my Facebook news feed, I bookmarked it immediately. Then made it a few days later. Oh my goodness. I’m so glad I tried this recipe out, because it is amazing! Probably my favorite blueberry dessert I’ve made so far, although those Blueberry Pie Bars come in a close second. Also, this recipe uses no fancy ingredients, like cake flour or shortening,, which is a huge plus in my book.

Let me tell you a bit about this cake. The cake part is dense, and moist, and just sweet enough, with plenty of juicy bursts from the fresh blueberries and a hint of fresh lemon flavor from the zest. The crumb topping, while a fairly thin layer, is amazing. It’s the perfect texture, crisp and sweet, and has a nice spice to it from the cinnamon. This cake really does get better with time, since I’ve had it a couple days and it’s just as moist, or even more so, than the day I baked it. This recipe is a keeper! I plan to adapt it with different flavors for future coffee cakes.

Head on over to Smitten Kitchen for the recipe!

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