Blossom Cookies, Two Ways (Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Peppermint)

Happy New Year! It’s been a rough year for everyone, but there is a glimmer of hope in 2021. New year, new president thank goodness, I got a new job, and as a healthcare worker I was also able to get the first dose of the COVID vaccine! So there are a lot of things to be grateful for. What better way to celebrate good things than some delicious cookies?

I had some leftover special Hershey’s kisses from the holidays, a sugar cookie version and a dark chocolate mint truffle version, so I decided to adapt this recipe from Table for Two, and I ended up doing half sugar cookie blossoms and half peppermint chocolate blossoms. I made the base dough first, then added peppermint extract to half the dough for the peppermint blossoms. These cookies are wonderfully soft, a little chewy, and the Hershey’s kiss added just after baking melts into a lovely burst of flavor in the center of each cookie. They even stayed soft for a whole week! If you don’t like peppermint chocolate, you can just do all of the sugar cookie version. Anyway, here’s the recipe I ended up with!

Sugar Cookie Blossom Cookies and Peppermint Chocolate Blossom Cookies

Makes 30 cookies

Adapted from Table for Two


1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened

1 cup granulated sugar

1 large egg

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp milk (I used nonfat)

2 cups all-purpose flour

For sugar cookie blossoms:

Optional red sugar crystals

15 unwrapped sugar cookie Hershey’s kisses

For peppermint chocolate blossoms:

1/2 tsp peppermint extract

Optional green sugar crystals

15 unwrapped mint truffle Hershey’s kisses


Preheat the oven to 350˚F.

Cream together the butter and sugar until a smooth paste forms. Beat in the egg and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat in the baking soda, salt, and milk and beat until thoroughly combined. Add in the flour then mix well until a smooth dough forms.

At this point, separate the dough into half. Keep one half of the dough as-is, and to the other half, add the peppermint extract and mix well to incorporate the peppermint extract into the dough.

Alternatively, if you’re just doing sugar cookie blossoms, leave out the peppermint extract. If you’re only making the peppermint version, add 3/4-1 tsp of peppermint extract to all of the dough.

Scoop out small balls of dough (about 2 tsp, I use a small size cookie scoop) and roll them into balls. Place about 1.5-2 inches apart on ungreased nonstick baking sheets (or you can line with parchment paper). At this time, you can sprinkle the optional red sugar crystals over the sugar cookie blossoms, and the green sugar crystals over the peppermint blossoms (I did this to differentiate them just in case I lost track of which pan was which dough).

Bake for 10-11 minutes, until the cookies are spread out, just set, and very slightly pale golden on the bottom.

Remove from the oven and allow to cook 1-2 minutes, then press one sugar cookie kiss gently into the middle of each cookie made from the base dough. You don’t want to push the kiss all the way down, just about halfway down in the cookie. Press one mint truffle kiss gently into the middle of each cookie made with the peppermint dough. Allow the cookies to cool completely. The kisses will melt as the cookies cool, which makes them lovely and soft to bite into.

Once the cookies are cooled, enjoy!


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