This is a new page, aimed at logging my workouts while I take a hiatus from baking for the end of the summer. I’m primarily a swimmer, but I also do dryland and lifting workouts, as well as the occasional run.

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer and I have no official training in coaching, so all these workouts are just what I do, and if you decide to use them, do so at your own risk. Always consult a physician or trained professional before trying new exercises or types of physical activity.

Swim Workouts

1900 meter IM Swim

2100 yard Quick Threshold Thursday

3000 yard Old School Tuesday

3300 yard Old School Tuesday

3600 meter Energy System Monday

3600 yard Quality Kick/Circuit Wednesday

3700 meter Energy System Sunday

3800 yard Quality Kick/Circuit Wednesday

4000 yard Circuit Friday

4000 yard Energy System Saturday

4000 yard IM/Pull Swim Workout

4000 yard Quality Pull/Kick Wednesday

4100 yard Threshold Thursday

4200 meter IM/Free/Pull Swim Workout

4200 yard Threshold/Sprint Workout

4200 yard Threshold Thursday

4300 yard Quality Kick Set Circuit Wednesday

4400 meter Energy System Sunday

4400 yard All 200’s Swim Workout

4400 yard Energy System Monday

4500 yard Old School Tuesday

4600 yard Everything + Sprint Swim Workout

4700 yard Threshold Thursday

4700 yard Threshold Swim

4800 yard Threshold Thursday

5000 yard Energy System Monday

5000 yard Mix-It-Up Saturday

5000 yard Threshold Thursday

5100 yard IM Workout

5100 yard Threshold Thursday

5800 yard Energy System Monday

6000 yard Energy System Monday

Dryland Workouts

Cardio-Lifting Workout

Circuit Lifting Workout

Dryland Circuit

Legs/Arms/Abs Lifting Workout

Mile of Jumps

Sprint Workout

Short Sprint Workout

Sprint Cutting Workout

Stadium/Sprint/Circuit Workout

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